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Hi. I am Anurag Minus Verma. I am an artist based in India. These are the kinds of content I create:

Podcast: I also host a podcast channel (Anurag Minus Verma Podcast) where we discuss many important issue which are often missing from mainstream narrative.

Video diaries: I create experience videos of places/events  that I have experienced. I try to bring in the elements of documentary, experimental films, Vlogs into these videos to create a unique experience for the audience. 

Animoji Videos: I  have created many different characters through Animoji. These characters include:  Existential Alien, Malhotra Uncle ( Middle Class Sanghi uncle), Yogendra Yadav, Ronnie etc. 

Midnight Edits:  I create cross over edits where I experiment with different songs and films. Most popular edits are - Taxi Driver ft Dasht-E-Tanhai | Wong Kar Wai ft Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.