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Hello World

It seems like an appropriate start. I am Apache. I live in the UK, and for the last 20 or so years, I have been involved in computing and technology in some way or another, both as a hobbyist, and as a professional. I came out of a career in Systems Administration to go to university, and graduated in 2014 with a First with Honours in Computer Network Technology. I have been programming since I was around 5 years old (on a BBC Micro, in BASIC), and now work heavily with the .NET Framework in C#.

“But, what about gaming?”, I hear you cry. Well, my pathway into gaming started by writing my own games as a child. Then, as a teenager, I found DOOM2: Hell on Earth, Settlers, and Command and Conquer. I started making new maps for DOOM, with custom .WAD files, but once the Unreal Engine was started to be used for FPS games, I fell out with the genre, preferring RTS, and Open World Survival games.

While in university, I started watching YouTubers, firstly as a form of procrastination, but later as an alternative to traditional TV series. I would binge watch series after series, and I would often get the games, and try out new ways of doing what was in the videos I had watched. Was there a more efficient way to do that? How could you do this in that game? The epitome of this came with Scrap Mechanic, when even walking into town; my mind would be filled with bearings, and pipes. I downloaded the game, struggled through the lag, and within a few hours, I had perfected the use of miniaturised logic gates, and made an LCD panel to display a countdown timer. When I came to record this as a series however, single block, programmable logic gates had been added to the game in an update, rendering all my hard work redundant. Such is life.

So, fast-forward to 2016. It has been a hell of a year. In 14 months, I lost six people very close to me, including my father, three grandparents, and one of my best friends from childhood whom I used to play multi-player, postal Settlers II with, sending floppy disks to each other with the save file, so we could take our turns. I needed to keep busy, active, and productive. I felt an urge to create, and try something new. I wanted to turn my childhood nickname into a brand, that I could spill my mind into in a positive way. If the last few years has taught me anything, it is that life is too precious to waste. My content will be a part of my legacy, and I want you all to enjoy it. I hope you do.