The Appademic is created by Jai Bentley-Payne, a philosophy nerd, independent writer, talker, and tinkerer from Aoteroa New Zealand.

The site is a resource for students, academics, writers and other nerds. It deals in workflows, tech help and automation for writing, research and study.

The idea is to provide something more useful than the advertorial nonsense found on all those consumer tech sites. The focus is usually on macOS and iOS,but the Appademic is not an Apple fan site.

The Appademic is self supported and maintained by its sole author. Between writing for the site, providing gratis advice and helping readers troubleshoot their research tech problems, the project is time consuming.

If the Appademic has been helpful to you, please consider keeping it alive by supporting my caffeine habit. I don't run any ads on the site, it is a labour of love supported by readers like you.

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