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James & Michael

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Good job, love the way Michael giggles every time you call him handsome!  😂

Thank you so much! He is the most modest man in the world in addition to being the most handsome.

Gloria Sonnen
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Very interesting.  I disagree with Michael's take on the press. Please read Mark Levin's book, Unfreedom of the Press.  The US mainstream media, including the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC are not to be believed.  They are a propoganda arm of the the left and the Democratic party.  I know from experience as a anti- abortion, pro religious freedom person. 😊 

Thank you for the beer, Gloria! And thank you for listening to our little podcast. We appreciate it. 

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God job guys. Cheers! 

Thank you for the beers. So kind of you!

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Someone bought 5 beers.

Thank you so much! So nice of you!