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Hey there!

I'm a Mexican-American author living in Los Angeles. I write speculative fiction that blends fantasy, science fiction, and horror. 

I've been writing short fiction and novels at a professional level for a few years now, have co-hosted a writing podcast, helped run a successful writing critique group, and am a member of the staff at Constelación Magazine

One of my favorite things to do is help other writers. Whether that takes the form of support, writing tips, critiquing, editing, or a myriad others, I think it is an integral part of my growing as a writer. It's what I focus on when I send out my newsletter and what I spend most of my "non-writing writing" time on. 

Supporter tips and subscriptions mean I can spend a little more time focusing on my writing and a little less time working for the man. They are also very, very appreciated. I'm also offering a critique extra for anyone looking for a set of eyes on their work, be sure to check it out!