Investing for Beginners  Here it is! – That thrilling (and insightful) guide to investing for beginners that you’ve been dreaming about finding all your life.  Well, perhaps we’ll leave “thrilling” to your judgment. However, we are quite confident that you’ll become more than just a little excited when you learn the truth about the wide array of opportunities available to you through investing – opportunities you can use to establish and grow your fortune.  This guide is designed to serve as an informational primer for you in the arena of investing, even if you’re a complete novice. It’s not a detailed guide to a specific investment (we’ll be offering those in subsequent publications), but rather a broad overview of different types of asset classes that you may wish to consider investing in, along with guidance on exactly how to get started making (lots of) money through investing.  We’re also going to cover some basic principles of investing for beginners – principles that apply to any type of investment. Learning these principles will significantly help you to maximize your investing success and profitability.