Day 3!

What do you do before bed?

Some of the obvious things, like brushing teeth and maybe having some sleepy time tea. But I'm not too proud to admit that I like to aimlessly scroll social media and watch tv before I finally fall asleep. I hope you enjoy my god awful cat sketch, it is not my best cat at all.

To be perfectly fair, I also tend to crochet when everyone is in bed and asleep. It's a lot easier to crochet once the baby goes to bed, which has been all over the place lately (the teething struggles). My cats also require a large dose of attention after the baby has gone to sleep as well. They absolutely love to crawl all over my lap and yarn projects if they feel the feline urge to do so.

It's pretty safe to say I don't usually go to bed until maybe 1 or 2 am, just so I have some time to do things that keep me sane! It used to be a lot longer, as I was only able to even draw after hours. Now the baby and I draw together and it is an absolute blast for both of us. She loves to watch me draw and color, so I'm able to do so for hours at a time (between feedings and diaper changes, of course)