Normally, I tend to avoid body painting shoots. I'm not fully sure why, though.

When Cory Keys (keyscory on instagram) asked me to do a HR Giger inspire shoot- there was no way I was passing this chance up.

The shoot took place in a rented studio, about a year and a half ago, while I was in school for my Jewelry and art design. At this point, I wasn't shooting as much, due to other projects, but mainly due to being in full time schooling. But I was super glad I managed to get this project in with Cory and Rob Burbek as the photographer (rbubek on instagram)

Overall, the shoot took about 4 hours in the painting chair, and about an hour or two of shooting.

Shooting and creative projects are what I truly live for.

Photographer Rob Burbek @rbubek on IG

Body paint and head piece by Cory Keys