While in New Zealand, I worked on various projects with many photographers, makeup artists, and fellow creatives. My favorite shoot to date was with Arielle Keil (@arielle.keil on Instagram) Arielle is known for becoming the first transgender Miss Intercontinental New Zealand 2020) Photographer is Ant Vaughn, Co- model is Miss Patty Ann

I loved working with this creative group in bringing the idea of a genderfluid Hades/Persephone set. Arielle answered a post I made looking for models to fit the idea. She was so dedicated to making this shoot a reality that she was up at 4 am when I made it over to her place, working on her hair and makeup and helping Patty with hers. It was an ungodly hour to be alive at, but she had a fantastic attitude the entire time and kept an amazing energy for the several hours we shot. 

The gowns were sewn by hand (not by machine)  

I raided a local second hand store on the notorious Karangahape road in Auckland for the main components of the gowns, the dollar store for petals, and a bead store for the beads. I would sit and sew/ paint/ beadwork until the wee hours of the morning. Overall, I put an insane amount of hours into the gowns andaccesoories, explored several textring methods, and worked on my hand sewing skills.