Hello! Welcome to my BMAC! I'm a 19 y/o, black, female artist. I like my art to reflect the communities I belong to in my pieces!

I want to represent the playfulness of art. Not everything has to be deep and sentimental. You can have a creation with a fun meaning behind it. It doesn't make you naive or immature, it makes you free-spirited. I wish for my spirit to stand out amongst my peers. I'm not ashamed to use a cartoon-like approach, it's me. Art deserves respect across all platforms, from realistic to cartoon to painting to digital to sculpting. These styles are worshipped from generation to generation. Even the cavemen who depicted their hunts dramatically have been honored throughout history. So who's to bash anyone for how they view the world artistically? 

That's how styles and genres are born. Picasso was stylized with shapes. Da Vinci was famously realistic. Andy Warhol was known for his repetition. So many styles over time that all required a different mentality and view of life. And if I view the world happily, whimsically, or even unrealistically, who's to stop me? When a bird gets too big, you must let it out of its cage. 

I'm a star; we all are. We all just start glowing at different times. The ones long before me radiated during their time, and their works and legacy was passed down from generations. People young and old know their names and their works, whether the popular ones or the underrated ones. My time is now, and this is what I radiate: freedom and acceptance. I want to teach the stars after me that it's okay to be wild. Burn so bright that you'll be seen without a telescope.

I love you, stay safe, and stay shining~