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Larry created the popular Asana2Go app and is an Asana consultant, expert in Asana usage, workflows, and API since 2012.

Thanks for coming here and considering buying me a coffee! Asana2Go is free (to nearly all individual and commercial users) but it has taken hundreds of hours (and espressos) to develop and maintain. I really appreciate your support!

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cCZIsW6Nt bought 2 coffees.

Thank you for the generous contribution!!

Greg bought 3 coffees.

This is such a helpful tool. I'm long overdue in supporting you for this.

Greg, much appreciated! Thanks for taking the coffee plunge!

Jocelyn MIchel
Jocelyn MIchel bought 5 coffees.

Thank you for your help! 

Thank you, Jocelyn! I'm so glad that custom format worked out for your business.

mylifehacking bought 3 coffees.

Awesome app 

Thank you, mylifehacking, for the great comment and contribution!!

Scott bought 5 coffees.

Great Tool. Feature Request: Add currency formatting.

Thanks, Scott, for that generous contribution! Currency formatting is easy to do with a custom report. I offer a custom report service, but also happy to show you how to duplicate an existing report and make the small tweak for this. Feel free to contact me at