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Hi Supporters, 

I'm Ashley, a freelance journalist from the U.K. I'm interested in telling real humanitarian stories and championing those who don't have a voice.

What is the Humanity in Reality Project? 

The humanity in reality project is a humanitarian art project at its core. 

We strive to tell the real human stories behind photographs and shed light on issues facing real people. 

Our ethos is simple. 

We want to encourage our 'Humanity in Reality Project' family to join us on a pilgrimage to the very heart of the Earth. 

Our aim is to share snapshots into the lives of our subjects and invite you on a journey of discovery with us. 

We want to broaden your spectrum of reality and uncover the uncomfortable truths, along with the evident beauty of this world. 

I started the Humanity in Reality project (link below) to showcase art, culture, society, and traditions from across the world.