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artist from Germany ~ she/her ~ fulltime daydreamer 
🌻creative heart 🤹🏽 herbal witch ✨ insect helper 🐝 earth warrior 🌿 monkey mind 🐒

I would love to make soooo many things but have only those 24 hours per day...

I love working with my hands. Not just art, I’m totally into handcrafting: spinning wool, weaving, needle binding, crochet, embroidery… everything with threads is interesting for me. But best times are those when I’m digging with both hands in the earth. I’m looking for a garden from which I can feed my loved ones and myself in the future. Until then, I’ll be working on my balcony in the middle of my hometown Paderborn. I’m trying to help insects with my insect friendly blossoms and structures.
I also love to stir things in my witchy kitchen. You can see a lot of my experiments on my blog. Or have a look on my art portfolio.

Take a cup of tea and join my creative adventure. Thanks for your time and support!