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Greetings Brasslings!

Enough folk have enquired about offering financial support to help replace the deceased laptop which (in addition to ill heath) has brought a temporary end to the Absinthe Affair broadcasts and publication of the Steampunk 2020 webzine - I have created this special fundraising message to enable donations via the “Buy Me A Coffee” service.

As I don’t have a passport or driving licence and so can not set up a “Go Fund Me” or similar page without major headaches, this option is by far the easiest means for me to receive donations from those wishing to support the return of my online activities at the earliest possible opportunity.

While ill heath and other personal issues has forced me to take a break from my Steampunk activities over the next few months - I am already planning my return... The first step of which is the replacement of the recently deceased laptop. 

The messages of support and well wishes from friends and followers across the international Steampunk community have been wonderful and are deeply appreciated. For those of you who would like to also financially support the return of the Absinthe Affair & the Steampunk 2020 webzine simply use the “Buy Me A Coffee” option provided.

Y’Servant Aye!

Atticus Oldman

Anouk The Legendary converted Princess
Anouk The Legendary converted Princess bought 5 coffees.

Je pense à toi et t'embrasse bien fort. Courage  cher ami.

Scott Donaldson
Scott Donaldson bought 10 coffees.

How do good Sir.Hope this helps a bit.All the best to you.Take it easy and take care. 💜🎩❤️

Bless you Scott! Tucked away now in my Steam-Piggy Bank “The Porkwork Coiner!” 

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Best wishes Atticus!

Thank you for your amazing aupport!

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Outstanding - My Sincere Thanks!

Someone bought 3 coffees.

Bless you for your support - Very much appreciated!