Is where classical and modern stories & poetry live! Tales from around the world...right now we just outside Philadelphia, PA near Amish / Underground Railroad country.

Stories and poems for children of all ages, with music and other stuff I'm making up.

Season 1 APRIL

1) The Girl Who Loved Hip Hop by Joy Jones, Washington, DC

2) Beautiful As You Are by Heather Forest, Huntingdon, NY

3) The Jealous Farmer by Mitch "Gran'Daddy Junebug" Capel, North Carolina

4) Zuri The Fairy by Mama Koku, Atlanta, GA

Season 2

MAY - every Saturday a new story will drop.

5) - 1 ~ My Friend by Arthur Unknown & Oni Lasana

6) - 8 ~ Reggie Rascal by Pat McLean-Smith, Philadelphia, PA

7) - 15 ~ Signifying Monkey - African & American Folktale (clean version)

8) - 22 ~ The Palm & The Poui, a Tobago Tale by Oni Lasana

9) - 29 ~ Why Anansi Has a Small Waist, African Folktale, Ghana

Calling out for amazing short story writers & poets with positive messages for kids of all ages.

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