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Hi! I am Amy Stratman, and I run the Aurora Borealis Notifications website and webcam over North Pole, Alaska. Each dollar donated is very much appreciated to keep the cams going. I thank you very much!

You can see if the northern lights are out or not, and also check the weather. The webcam is for aurora chasers actively trying to view the aurora in person, and also for people at home to enjoy the night sky from afar. 

Running the webcam takes money. The money not only is for the camera itself, but for the connections, wires, maintenance, the internet, and the computer. I climb up a staircase ladder to clean the dome (bird evidence, dirt, snow, ice) and dismantle the pole with a locking pin to lower the camera for additional maintenance. Of course, living in North Pole, the camera is in the extreme winter elements. A very long wire is better than a wifi connection due to the unreliability of steady internet in my area (even with the best router). One day I hope to provide live streaming of the aurora to everyone, but it simply cannot keep up until the internet improves. Currently, the live stream is only for members of my website (to keep the numbers low and internet fast). Someday, I would like to upgrade the camera, which was made in 2012. It still runs great though, even at -40!

My website also helps you see the northern lights, either on your own, or with a tour. I have lived in the Fairbanks Alaska area more than half my life and can give you advice on any aspect of your trip to see the aurora. 

If you need extra help with your aurora adventure, please join me via text or call. 

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