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Hi I am a Aussie Business entrepreneur that is living in Vietnam. If you are thinking of getting married to a nice Asian Girl and moving to Vietnam, maybe you should buy me a coffee and let me tell you all about my experience living in asia.

I have a home insulation factory in Australia and a Steel fabrication factory in Vietnam, so I can see both of these cultures from a business point of view. 

Maybe you read my book "Why Are You Still A Slave" (on amazon) and appreciate how just one sentence in that book has set your life in a better direction.

I also have have about 700 videos on youtube about all kinds of things including business, family and politics. 

In this Virtual world where everyone has a opinion, if you find someone with a well considered opinion that helps you to create a better life, show your appreciation and buy them a coffee.

It is a small gesture but Appreciation unvocalised is Worthless... 

Thanks for your support in advance 

Kind Regards 


PS I also invented a Nut cracker called the MaccaWakka that you might want to have a look at. I have linked its website below.