Nearly 25k thousand people have seen my emotion cards. Over 200 people have downloaded them. Daily I'm getting stories of how excited children are to see themselves reflected in the illustrations, and it truly does my heart good, but this is just the beginning for me. Aside from the educational materials I'm also working with educators to create a Petunia Brown series on YouTube that lets children express their emotions in an honest way. Right now I only have my daughter to work with, but hope to work with other children in the future. If you missed the first episode of the Ask Petunia Show go ahead and click here to watch.

In other news, I'm hoping my official publishing announcement for my beginning reader graphic novel series Annalise will be released in the next few weeks. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram , or Twitter for updates, freebies, or just to say hello.

Thank you for your continued support and love

Stay safe