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Hi guys Thank you for visiting. I assume you know the story. If this is your first time here. I'm Autumn Jones(not my real name).

The reason why I use is because gofundme isn't available in my country. Please read to know where your donations will be going and what it will be use for.

I've been oppressing my true nature for a long time and it took a toll on my mental health. I was born with ADHD and at 19 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  I went to see doctors my self at that legal age. I've used some of my funds to migrate to Canada for my mental health. But I think the best way for me leave this abusive house hold is to go to college, so I won't seem suspicious.

The donations made will be used to pay for my tuition and extra online classes. Other than that It will be used to pay the deposit and first two months rent before my first paycheck.

The goal is $29,000. it will be used to pay for:

The tuition fee and extra online classes (from udemy, skillshare, for vocal classes)



Midi Controller

Audio Interface

Digital Audio Workstation




First two months of rent and deposit.

Legally change my name to dissociate myself from the old me. I don't want to live with the memories and get trigger by people calling my name.

Thank you for visiting, donating and sharing.This page will be edit once goal is achieve. Please subscribe to my youtube

channel for future vlogs and updates.

Someone bought a future.