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My purpose is to spread the news about Kingdom of God. I want to empower teens and young adults to keep their faith in a secular world. I also have a passion to teach life skills.

Hi, my name is DeAngela. I love God and all that He is done for my life. I am starting an Instagram blog to inspire others to get to know Jesus and to continue to have faith in Him. My other calling is to teach life skills to young adults (college graduates) and teens (high-school graduates) certain life skills they need to live in the world. Let's face it school doesn't teach you anything about resumes, entrepreneurship, how to file taxes, how to get health insurance etc. We have to acquire all of this knowledge on our own or through a close family member or an expert in the field. I plan to start this business in the upcoming year 2020. Your donation will help fund this business. The center will be Christian based an will continue to share God's word with our young people. Thank you and God bless.