Axiom is a free android web browser and this application has a very minimal design layout & easy to use. Here you found many use full tools, those tools help you lot during surfing websites. Now let's talk about all features:

• UI Layout:
This application has a simple, minimal, user-friendly & customizable layout. Just single-click to work perfectly. Some options have a single tap and long tap gestures like - Long-press navigation buttons to scroll up or down, long press center icon button to exit full-screen, etc. Don't worry it's very easy to find all option gestures. UI layout is highly customizable, you can modify layout easily. also, You can change the logo or background image.

• No Adds & No Data Stolen:
This application not showing you any type of advertisement and the (Axiom) developer has no interest in any type of surfing data. But still, suggest you - When you surfing private things you must use Axiom "Incognito" mode it fully helps you to protect your data.

• Features:
Axiom has very useful features and all features give you the best surfing experience. Yea I always to improve all features and make try to make this browser more helpful. Some highlighted features name is - Bookmark, History, Download (System Download Manager), Share, Themes, Full Screen, Desktop Mode, Settings, etc.

• Tools:
This browser also has some useful tools like - Screenshot, Javascript On/Off, View Website Source Code, Speed Up System, Picture Show/Hide, Save Web Page Locally, Save PDF, etc. All tools help you a lot while you surfing some web content.

• Web Settings & Security :
You can fully customize your website contents and you can fully control on Ads, Tracker, Popup, Alert Messages, etc. Also here You found Multiple Search engine Options and control on incognito mode. I try my best to give the best security option on General and Incognito mode.

• Open Local files:
You can open some files extension (example: .HTML, .XML, .MHT, etc. ) on the Axiom browser. This feature helps you to open Saved HTML Codes, Saved Pages & Text Files. Just open a file manager, click on a supportable file then select "Axiom", Done. Now you can see the file contents.

• Open External Links:
This application is also capable to open the external links(HTTP/HTTPS). So, when you found some external links on other applications you just select the Axiom browser, Done, Now link starts loading on the browser.

*Friend please give your valuable feedback, It really helps me to improve this application.

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