Universal Encoder Decoder (Version: 10) - In this era of digital communication and data security and computer management, the character arranging encoding and decoding system is doing its best. You can encode and decode data easily with the online tools but this the software Universal Encoder Decoder can do all types of encoding and decoding as fast as light. Some most advance feature of this encoding and decoding is given below, which make this software different from others :

Easy to install :

This software - first of all easy to install and easy to use, just one click and it will start. There are no difficulties in installing process and system agreement.

Encoding and Decoding tools :

With the use of this software, you can encode and decode a lot of variations ( Total: 80+ Options and fully offline ). for example, you can encode and decode 64 BASE data, URL, HTML, JavaScript, ROT 13, you can convert text to binary, and vice versa, hex to ASCII, decimal to binary, hex, octal, and you can also generate MD4, MD5, SHA1, and SHA245 hash, etc.

High range of data :

This software can be used to encode and decode a high range of data within some seconds.

Simple and smooth UI :

This software is designed simply that any user can handle the software at ease. Its smooth UI will make you happy and feel you good. So, its user friendly is the best feature of this software.