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Thank you for joining in conversation with poems. 

In 2006, I began writing a poem a day. At first it was just a challenge to myself. Could I do it? I didn't think so!

I didn't realize then how this practice would change everything. Poetry was no longer something on a page, it became a way of being in the world, changing the way I move through the day. In 2011, I created A Hundred Falling Veils to share the poems.

It is perhaps foolish to put my first drafts into the world every day, but as Rumi said, "Be a fool."

If you enjoy these daily poems, please support me writing them with a donation (I won't really buy coffee, I'll buy groceries). And if you're interested in buying a book (to see what the poems look like beyond their first draft form), please visit 

And, friend, thank you.

Nicola bought 2 coffees.

Thank You, Rosemary! And thanks to Danna Schmidt for introducing me to your poetry. 

Nicola, Thank you! I am so grateful for your support. And thank you to Danna for building a bridge for us! Wishing you many blessings,  Rosemerry

Laurie Abela
Laurie Abela bought a coffee.

Many thanks for your sharing your gift with the world, for the beauty and the heart in your words.

Thank you, Laurie! Thank you for the big smile this morning! Rosemerry

Laurie Abela
Laurie Abela bought a coffee.

Your words are always beautiful.  Some days, though, they especially speak to me.  Thank you.

Laurie, thank you. I am so grateful for this support--and if it were the poem about the child version of myself, well, then I honor the child who grew up to be you. With gratitude, Rosemerry

Don Mayhew
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Dear Don, thank you! I am so grateful for your support! 

Diane Berke
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