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Thank you for joining in conversation with poems. 

In 2006, I began writing a poem a day. At first it was just a challenge to myself. Could I do it? I didn't think so!

I didn't realize then how this practice would change everything. Poetry was no longer something on a page, it became a way of being in the world, changing the way I move through the day. Poems became the language of connection--connecting us to ourselves, to each other, to the world around us. In 2011, I created A Hundred Falling Veils to share the poems because I realized they sometimes help others find these connections, too. 

It is perhaps foolish to put my first drafts into the world every day, but as Rumi said, "Be a fool." 

If you enjoy these daily poems, please support me writing them with a donation (I won't really buy coffee, I'll pay for the online platforms I use to make them available for free). And if you're interested in buying a book (to see what the poems look like beyond their first draft form), please visit 

And, friend, thank you.