It is an awesomely epic day when someone can buy you a taco and change the life of a blind or visually impaired person! Hello, my name is Nicole aka the Brassknucklebeauty. My life‘s mission is to help individuals realize that they are worthy of all their hearts desires. I am the founder and creator of the Keep Your Cane Hand Strong Movement. For nearly a decade I have been volunteering, organizing, and helping individuals realize their fullest potential. We promote self-reliance, interdependence and have co-creative teaching experiences.

We Keep our Cane Hand Strong. We leverage the laws of the universe and change the trajectory of the blind and visually impaired person’s journey. By inspiring everyone to understand different lived experiences people will learn how to become a Universal Accomplice. Anything is possible when you believe, and sometimes you just need individuals that will support you on building your beliefs. Through workshops, lectures and facilitated dialogues individuals have the opportunity to shatter the stigma surrounding blindness and other disabilities. We help create Universal Accomplices. A Universal Accomplice is a person that has the willingness to support individuals in the way that they desire. It is my dominant intent to inspire growth and self-acceptance through one act at a time. By demolishing internal and external ableist beliefs systems. May you always live, love, and be inspired. Remember to Remember to Keep Your Cane Hand Strong!

XO The Brassknucklebeauty