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Hi! I'm AJ, the guy behind Blue Mouse Creative.

I'm a freelance illustrator based in North Cornwall, interested in all varieties of illustration but currently working on improving my skills on a graphics tablet as I'm making the swap from sketchbook to tablet. I'm still keen on physical illustration, such as lino printing, watercolour paint, Posca pens and Copic markers - my style is quite bold lines and blocks of vivid colour, but I'm loving getting to know digital illustration and the amount of detail that can be put into a single piece of work.
A lot of my work is aimed at ocean illustrations as in my local area we have a lot of water pollution and plastic waste washing up on the beaches, and the ocean pollution charity I work for goes above and beyond helping the coast, as well as litter strewn places in land. I also enjoy using my vintage film cameras and incorporating them into my work.

I don't have a lot of work out at the moment so I'm unable to sell much merchandise, but one thing you can do is buy me a coffee! To keep my habit going so I can create just as addictive pieces of work that would look great on a mug, greetings card, or tshirt!
Then maybe one day if we meet in person I'll be able to return the favour!

Peace and love.

Blue Mouse Creative

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