Just to get this in early as I will be missing the bells this year due to having to work on New Years morning. lets face it, 2020 has been one utterly shit year? Covid restrictions has seriously affected our hobby and destroyed thousands of businesses and sadly put millions of people out of work

2020 and the lockdown gave me the opportunity to dig out Annie, my mini thirty and recommission her as well as give the garage a full renovation which included a new roof, completely rewired and painted inside and out. The plan was to crack on with Angus but due to the state of the garage roof and the ever growing dampness issues I decided to turn my attention to the thirty and as per usual the budget exploded! As soon as Annie was recommissioned it was time to put her away again for the winter. All the mechanical works are done so she's now mechanically sound and also some minor work was carried out to her bodywork. A full body overhaul is needed but this can wait until Angus is done.

What's in store for 2021?

Plans are now in place to crack on with Angus. I'll be ordering more panels in the new year and making a start on that. Ideally I'd like Angus to be back on his wheels by December 2021. Also coming to the channel will be Kevin's Mk1 Morris Mini. This project needs more or less everything Angus requires so it will be good to bounce ideas and techniques off Kevin and also by keeping an eye on Kevin's project it should help keep my enthusiasm up for Angus. I've also re edited the entire playlist for Angus so every video has been cleaned up with improvements made to picture and sound quality and all videos re rendered to High Definition. The new playlist will exclusively be available in here as well as my Patreon page then it will start to appear on the channel and the old ones will be archived.

Finally I'd like to with you all the best for 2021 Sean