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I’m a designer who codes. I write articles with the aim of bridging the gap between design and code.

I started writing regularly a few years ago, for fun and as more of a side project. As I begun to find rhythm and the site begun to grow a small audience—which is amazing.

But with any project, maintenance and upkeep are what keeps it going. So if any post has helped save you time, I appreciate any support for that. What comes through here will pay for servers and general costs associated to this website.

I write at

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Found your grid tip very useful. Stopped me from paying $10 for guideguide. Thank you.

I’m glad it helped, thank you!

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Thank you! 😊 

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Your write up of the color-interpolation-filters attribute has just saved me hours of pain, thank you!

Thank you, I’m glad it’s helped. I remember I having to write about this with how much hassle it caused me 😅

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Thanks for the tip with flex: 0 0 auto; for the horizotal scrollbar, saved me some time, here's a coffee :) 

Thank you, much appreciated! I’m glad it helped.