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Welcome dear friend. I'm glad to see you on my page. Here you will get exclusive NSFW content that is not available in my public pages. You might describe it by the term Bara.
[ゲイコミ], [薔薇].

As you can see my artworks is dedicated to big guys like bear or сhub. I like the aesthetics of the body of these really thick guys and I'm one of them. 
I think I have my own handwriting and style, and I'm not chasing trends and draw only what I like. And I hope in this our tastes are similar.

The main focus here is the comics that I create with my hubby, where often his character - prototype is the main character. He comes up with all the lines and dialogues, as well as posing. Each artist's drawing style is different and I hope you will like mine. But what is even more interesting is the plots of the stories, they are like a bedtime story, stunning and frightening and of course sexy and full of passion. You can hardly have seen anything like it anywhere else. But it definitely won't be boring!

Your support is very important to me, it motivates me to release more time to devote to creativity.