Buy Nototo a pack of lentils


We are just three engineering students living in Vancouver, BC.🏞

After receiving a lot of love on Reddit for our project Nototo, we decided to take a break from school and treat this as our full-time job.

Since we are students with no income, we have resorted to eating Lentils for most of our meals. They are healthy, filling, and most importantly, cheap.

A pack of lentils ~~ A cup of coffee. 

Kočka Pampelišková
Kočka Pampelišková bought a pack of lentils.

It looks very nice, I think I'll really use it.

Cynthia bought 3 pack of lentilss.

This is really cool! Thanks for creating this!

@mdneuzerling bought 3 pack of lentilss.

Thank you for helping me get set up with Nototo!

No worries :) Thanks for the great convo!

Needtolearnforexamsandtrythisawesomeappplease! bought a pack of lentils.
Daniel El-Batal
Daniel El-Batal is now a member.

You guys are incredible, great onboarding experience and customer service. Cannot wait to see Nototo explode! Student here too so feel you guys. Enjoy the lentils!

Thanks a lot Daniel! Great chatting with you :)