Buy Back Two a coffee or a tea


Hey 👋 We just created a page here. You can now buy us a coffee or a tea!

We have thought long and hard about this and realistically know that it will take a very long time for our business to recover to the point to enable it to be our main profession again. However, we are not about to give up! We will carry on producing our music to be heard. Importantly for people who really appreciate it...that's you, our followers who support us with 'likes' and views of our song and shows...that's you, who would come and see us when you could...that's you, who would book us to play at your birthday party or family celebration, sometimes year after year after year...that's you, who favoured us with such regular bookings throughout the year, we became in many instances part of your Christmas or Halloween or an Anniversary. We really appreciate you all, it may be that you have purchased one of our CD's or one of our songs online...we truly thank you. We are currently updating our equipment to produce new recordings.

Just 'Click' Support if you would like to buy us a coffee or tea...Thank you