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We built this app because we wanted it & thought others might want it too.

Welcome to our BMC page. If you like the backifi.com app, please consider buying us a coffee to keep the developers awake. Thank you for your support!
Someone bought 5 coffees.
Matt bought 2 coffees.
techied bought a coffee.

Dude, you seriously just saved my ass.

Rydad bought 5 coffees.

Thanks! This would have totally saved me rebuilding a controller and re-adopting 3 sites devices if I had it a couple of weeks ago. Any chance you can package it all up so we can run it on our own system? Giving out a super admin account to a third party won't work for some of my controllers.

GDC Networks
GDC Networks is now a member.

Love this app, subscribing to a membership of coffees <3 Hope this aids in the development for a backupsoftware that supports backupping UniFi Protect Footage!!