Buy Bad Baxter Farm a steak



Hi! I created this page to expand our reach to our amazing followers outside of Oklahoma as well as those requesting more content and an email list. Homesteading full time, leaves no time, sometimes.  

We are a health based homestead in Oklahoma trying to show everyone that they can grow their own food, in a sustainable way, big or small. Cali gone Okie, wiped out by a tornado, only to build our debt free, small footprint home on 20 acres, now with a paralyzed adult child. So from a backyard garden in CA to several acres, we've got you covered.

I hope to create a special experience for members only content with more in depth behind the scenes of our daily debt free homestead life and answer more of your personal questions. 

All the requests for recipes will be handled here as well,  just buy me a steak and the recipe shall be yours!

Creating and sharing for the most good, instead of the most money are different jobs and I want to give everything I do 150 percent in a way that respects my time and commitment, as well as your support which is valuable and appreciated so much. We thank you. I hope you enjoy our shenanigans. If we can do it, so can you! 

Our Homestead Journey