My reflection is finally becoming recognizable

The fog


A healthier version of me

Looking me in the eyes.

My eyes;

Hazel with happiness.

My lips,

Forming the scientifically proven perfect smile

At a 13 degree angle.

An angle,

I'm not all familiar with.

I don't need a protractor

To measure success.

The clouds in the sky

Smile back at me,

As the sun kisses my face.

Is this what happiness feels like?

I ask the butterfly who has peacefully landed on my nose.

School couldn't teach me

How to unlearn my toxic patterns;

Muscle memory.

When I say

I have a new outlook,


I'm not talking about email.

Colour is back in my world

Nature is beautiful again.

Every day is beautiful

If you want it to be.

I finally love me,

And my reflection

In the mirror