A while ago I asked you all to send me a bunch of questions, and I'd answer them. Well, today's finally the day. I know, exciting, right?! Okay...simmer down, now! You asked me some pretty great questions and I'm excited to answer, so let's get to it.

When did you write your first poem?

Hmm.. I think the first poem I ever wrote was actually called "Fly on The Wall". And I wrote that when I was in the hospital.

Do you feel like things have changed after you wrote the book?

I love this question. Things absolutely changed after I wrote the book. Writing The Many Personalities of Me was my healing process, and once that was completed, I could become a happier version of myself. I'm in such a better place now.

Who is your favorite author?

I have a few, because I don't do well with choices. I love John Green. But I also love Margaret Atwood.

How did you feel writing your book? Did it hurt? Did it feel freeing?

Excellent question! Each poem in the book brought with it, it's own different emotion. Writing one poem, I may have felt sad, but while writing another one, I could have felt free. Overall the entire writing process was very healing for me. Of course it hurt, but if it doesn't hurt, it's not healing!

What was the greatest challenge you faced before/during publication?

Well, writing was the easy part! The hard part is marketing my book. I don't have a marketing agent or publicist or anything like that so it's all 100% me doing all the promotion. The promotions gets redundant and some days no one buys your book. So that's hard. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

What inspired you to write poetry?

I have a lot of life experiences I could put into good use and help people with. Growing up with a physical disability and mental illness, I want to be able to inspire and help others who may feel alone.

What was emotionally the hardest poem you've ever written?

I wrote a poem called "FOUR" which is in my second book "Not Another Poetry Book Just Kidding". "FOUR" was very difficult to write, as it tackles my challenges with anxiety and panic attacks. Little known fact, I wrote that poem while I was having an anxiety attack!

Are you still doing what inspires you in life?

I absolutely am. Writing is my passion, and I put my heart and soul into everything I write. My mission is to help people with my writing, and I know I've done that because people tell me I've helped them.

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Thank you for your questions and your support! I love you, kiddies!