Can you REALLY let things get to such a point , where you can't handle another second? Well that's where I've been finding myself lately. Everything and anything is just plucking my last nerve. Now, I know what you're thinking "don't you have coping skills? Chillax". You are right my good man, I most certainly do have coping skills. "Well so use them...duh" why thank you kind fellow, I truly didn't think of that. I've used all my coping skills and then some, to still feel like a complete and utter shit sandwich. So, why am I telling you this? I'm telling you not to take on other people's problems. I'm telling you not to worry about things that haven't happened or may not happen. I'm telling you to stop making yourself so damn physically sick with anxiety, that all you can eat is cereal. Don't let it get to the point when you're biting off the hands of those who fed you. That is why I myself am in hospital today. I get it, you're a helpful person, but when are you gonna help you! I don't see anyone else running. My point is, take care of your mental health , before you pull a me and a forced to come to hospital because it got so bad. Have a crisis plan, and skills which you implement BEFORE you start feeling like it'll be too late.

That's my preaching for the day