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Haylo, We are Bakarmax

A comic and animation studio. From searing political insights to poop jokes, we intend to reach your hearts with stories while kicking your guts with humour. We publish original content by ourselves and our star contributors every week.

Comics & animation are for all ages

We believe that comics & animations are for all ages and not just for kids. Through our original work, we are trying to build a culture of people consuming homegrown comics and adult animation in India. 

Bakarmax Originals is our ambitious animation programme

Under our Originals programme, we will be releasing a new pilot every few months, with stories focused mostly towards grown-ups. We are irrationally passionate about making comics and adult animation bigger and better and by buying us a coffee or becoming a member you enables to keep doing this. 

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PS: When we say adult comics or adult animation, we mean comics and animation for mature audiences and not X-rated animated content but who know we have written a chapter for Savita Bhabhi ;)