The area in which the manuscript is set, keeps bringing out further coincidence.

I still need to reacquire a copy of the Alex Cox film, Repo Man. It does make reference to Los Alamos laboratories in a fun way. An ex only ever said of New Mexico that it was one place where she would never go back to. It might be considered safe ground in WIP2.

Have tried watching season 2 of American Gods, but a lot of it is like prattle or white noise to me. Ian McShane, whom I like, seems to be a characateur of himself in small screen series. It could be a character trope for Marley to work with...

A short story beginning was shared into my Google drive yesterday from a source that has changed a couple of horses on the hop. I have an inkling... and it is sweet, though I would tell her that she will definitely get no fight from me. I would be thrilled for her to send me the rest of the story. I could probably clarify a lot, without taking over her creative work in any way, too much. I hope anyway. Sometimes we find it hard to accept more than we thought we would get.

A lot of IT and communication glitches lately. The laptop is mostly good and it has been a good acquisition this year. This blog was part of the process. Pete the pony was even present earlier.

The Mentalist and Supernatural are the series I come back to... and the X Files on DVD.

This 2nd draft is a lot of reading over and over, editing, and researching again and again. I will be intimately familiar with so many aspects of this story. My own actual experience is that I have been to Vegas briefly, and on an apron of the Grand Canyon for a day. If there should be follow-up... I have a Vegas local friend... but a lot of work to do over the next 12 months.

Places in the world that I won't be going in the midterm. It has been just over a year since my mother died, and it took some time to process a lot. Emotionally I went to a couple of long points based on a few things that needed processing. There were some relationships that I could not indulge while tidying my own house. Some of those only because they were new.

Writing it out has probably helped more than any human interaction.