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Hey supporter 💙🌍💚

Thanks for popping by! I am here along with my husband to help share the earth and her glory as @thepoorunfortunatesoles, discovering and uncovering the UK and showcasing it to inspire others to do the same.
Putting together local walks and meet ups so we can connect in the real world. 

Another donation platform you may have entered in on is from where laura puts on FREE local community events and wellness workshops. The dream is that money obtained from helping paying clients feel aligned and empowered go to fund local projects. Where communities think outside of the box and reconnect.

It's for sure a work in progress and the first time in life with no 'defined' plan. Free flowing in hope.

Patron support encourages us to know we are are the right path, and certainly makes us smile.

Thankyou for popping by 🌎💙💚