Buy Homless people of Leicester a coffee


hi my name is gareth padfield and I am trying my help house the homeless in Leicester city centre and also feed them throughout the day till the are put up in a b&b or houses by the city council feel free to buy a Homless person a coffee as I have been self funding this my self up till now but some many of you have said you would like to help support 
Someone bought 5 coffees.

Great work

Thank you so much for this is am no working with a charity and will poss on your donations 🙏

Priya Thakrar & Family bought 17 coffees.

Thank you Gareth for the amazing humanity you are spreading.

Wow thank you very much for this it will be well spent thank you so much x

Sandie S bought 3 coffees.

This is such a wonderful thing to do. Thank you so much.

Thank you xx

Maria O'Brien bought 2 coffees.

Keep up the good work Gareth.  Without people like you the world would be a darker place.  Thank you.

Are thank you xx

Anne Billson bought a coffee.

Great work Gaz. Here’s a little extra towards the mindfulness activities. 

Thank you so much xx