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For now I’m enabling this so some of you can send a tip on a recurring basis, which is so amazing!  For now I have no rewards for BMaC, but if you join my Patreon instead I release 3d printable models on a monthly basis. 
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I’m a cat owning, tea drinking, mildly spaztastic 3D artist and fiction writer (two short stories published!) currently living in Middle Earth.

I mainly sculpt 3D printable miniatures for gamers, collectors, painters and merchants. 

My passion project is The Galean Universe. A book world I've now published two short stories in. There are two sequels in the works and a debut novel that's currently in editing stages.  

The Chase | A short erotica/romance story following Cosima Lockwood, an adventurous ocelot shifter and her mysterious partner, Rurik. 

Challenger | The first Siggy Smith story, following ex-Marine Sigyn Smith after she's recruited into a new military project as an alternative to liquidation. 

2020 has been the first year I've ever made money creating art, ironically it's also the year that everything fell apart and I had to move to a new country, alone, amidst a pandemic.

In August 2020 I launched a second 3D figure kickstarter, Beautiful Creatures, and a Patreon, delivering 2 3D-printable figures per month to backers + some bonus models when I can fit them in.

Because mother-nature and fate love to get together and play jokes, I got a severe wrist injury just a couple months later. It's getting better, almost a year later, but it's still bad enough that my work output is still greatly diminished. (I'm catching up on it though, and finally finishing the Creatures kickstarter and gearing up for the new one!)

I'm currently saving up for a new computer since mine is on the precipice of computer death after nearly a decade of hard work and moving across two continents.  

I'm the sole artist at Bella Nacht Miniatures, (not including Moose) 
This is a one woman enterprise, and I do most of the book stuff myself as well. Cover design, editing, formatting, web design and build, social media, all of it. So all of those errors you find? They hid from me. I'll fix them as soon as I find them. 

My debut novel is currently going through another round of edits, and I'm leaning towards launching a kickstarter with a line of printable figures to get it going.