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I’m a cat owning, tea drinking, mildly spaztastic 3D artist and fiction writer currently living in Middle Earth.

I mainly sculpt 3D printable miniatures for gamers, collectors, painters and merchants. 

My passion project is The Galean Universe. A book world I've now published two short stories in. There are two sequels in the works and a debut novel that's currently in editing stages.  

The Chase | A short erotica/romance story following Cosima Lockwood, an adventurous ocelot shifter and her mysterious partner, Rurik. 

Challenger | The first Siggy Smith story, following ex-Marine Sigyn Smith after she's recruited into a new military project as an alternative to liquidation. 


I now have a Kindle Vella story available! 

The Dead Wolf Diaries is a standalone episodic story following a young woman and her stray cat as they navigate the Deadlands of dystopian America in an attempt to get back to Australia, or at least out of the USA.