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Hello. I'm Ben. I'm a singer, composer and choir leader. I also do some online looping and live streaming to get people singing at home.

I've created this page so that people can support my work. I'm currently creating much more online content to keep people singing while we're all in lock down. If you've enjoyed singing along with me and would like to contribute I'd be really grateful for your support. Thanks x
Sue Geddes
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Glad to see/hear you're back!

Gill E
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Pat Waterton
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Haven't enjoyed shanties since I was at primary school - apart from The Wreck of the Dandenong of course. Hope you are both keeping well.

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Cheers Ben.

Thanks Richard. Much appreciated, and hope all is well. 🙏 👍 🙏 👍 

Jenni Twidle
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