I originally wanted to build an inventory system and then in the meantime I realized that before I start disturbing the statistics, it would be good to have a before of it!

All statistics that have worked so far will be displayed, and I plan to even have a leveling and XP display element in the future. However, a question moves through my mind:

How about a system where attribute points could be allocated not only to the main values ​​but also to all other statistics (resistances, deffense, mana regen, attack speed etc etc) this did not pop out of my mind to replace the skill system, but rather as a kind of innovation.

Im started a poll on the project's Gamejolt page, i wonder what are you think about it!

Original post: https://gamejolt.com/p/okay-guys-i-had-a-small-graphics-order-from-a-local-indie-develope-rurtrrnd

Night-time lighting test: https://gamejolt.com/p/today-after-working-on-the-ui-system-im-played-a-bit-whit-the-game-pfhjifr3