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Renaturing is bringing together of all the pieces of who we are, at the deepest, most natural level to a cohesive, conscious whole.  This means stripping away what we learned, but doesn't serve us anymore.  And it means learning, relearning, who we are and how to trust that. 
Because once we have that knowledge and trust, we get to be who we were always meant to be.  It feels like freedom.  Or coming home.   It feels like pre-destiny, because we stray so far, becoming *denatured*, in our effort to become modern-day humans. 

I'm Betsy Kudlinski.  I learned how to be a modern human, I did and had all the things I was supposed to.  But I was desperately sick and unhappy, lost, I felt trapped in a cage- but I couldn't see the bars.  Some part of me *knew* this was wrong, I knew I was meant for more, or at least, something different.  How could life possibly be about miserably trudging along until I died?

This podcast is about the essential pieces in the process of Renaturing. 
It's only about me in as much as my story can be helpful as a material example of renaturing.
Really, it's about you, and all of us.

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