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Hey 👋we just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

We will enjoy it as we continue to create valuable insights into Corey's life as a Blind Guy with his wife LaQuita Marie and their life with 3 children and a business!

Corey has been totally blind since 1994. LaQuita Marie is a high school sweetheart that married Corey in 2000.  They have been storytellers since starting Atumpan in 1998 and they are now parents to 3 daughters. 

Chef Sharon
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Love the show, keep up the good work!!

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I absolutely Love the Energy and Excitement you guys bring to this space!

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Thanks for all you do as a family!

Thanks so much Howard! We appreciate the support and extend our love to your family 😊

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You are a motivation, I will take every chance i get to invest in you.

Wow, thank you for the investment.  We appreciate all that you do!