Week 42 Message: Angelic Warrior Group

Archangel Michael through Sharon Stewart - February 10, 2022


I am Archangel Michael with this week's message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

We are seeing now the introduction of the general population to more and more of the treachery that has befallen the "P" (Protesters?) and the starseed groups. They now are being censored, cut off of funding and lodging is being denied them as they fight ever more for their own freedom and that of others.

The world will do a turn-about. One day it will happen. And you will all witness it.

So far, civil disobedience has not been rampant, but it will come. Many will begin to retaliate for reasons only personal to themselves. The human populace on earth must work up from the lowest levels of consciousness in order to rise again.

Please continue to help the trucker populations upon earth, in all countries where they are applying their programs, to prevail in peace. Canada has been a good example for all to see however those they oppose will seek any opportunity to create strife because as you have seen over the years, they thrive upon this.

We must go forward in peace. When we war, we oppose on their terms, not our own.

I am Archangel Michael. I am God, I am your trusted servant and teacher, we are Legion. Adonai - Michael.