Fall is coming

The mornings here in Montana are so cool. Despite temperatures reaching the 90s some days, the nights and mornings are showing signs that things will be changing soon. I made some improvements to the patio to allow for a more private and cozy feel for those mornings in pajamas with coffee.

Aug 11

Lost and Disconnected

I got up this morning around 3:30am. Not unusual as I have always had occasional bouts of erratic sleeping. Most of the time it is because I wake up to answer nature's call and the brain thinks it time to get up and start the thinking process. Over the years I would go back to bed and fight to get back to sleep until I was gritting my teeth with anger after hours of trying. In recent years I have decided to stop fighting and after a few minutes of trying I am not able to get back to sleep... more

Aug 10

Visit Turned Nightmare

The trip to Florida to visit my Mom after moving to Montana last year turned out to be what would be our last. I submitted her non-standard obituary this morning to her local paper...Only I could write the obituary for Helen F. “Cookie” Sawyer who died on July 19, 2021.She was my Mom. And if she knew I was doing this she would be furious.There was to be no funeral, no celebration, and no obituary.So what kind of daughter would I be if I didn’t at least disobey one... more

Jul 31

Taking a Pause

Out of state family emergency.

Jun 02

Winter's Last Stand in Montana, Probably
Mornings in Montana in April...Honestly, I am going to miss the snow but the warm months here are going to be a delight and massive departure from what I am used to experiencing in the south.

Apr 19

Loud Music, Louder Memories

Every time I put on my headphones and crank up my favorite music at unspeakable volumes I think about all the wonderful things music has given me. I have memories that will stay with me forever.I can concentrate on what I am doing even with the music blasting in my ears and that included typing this post. I think I can even type raster as I try to keep up with the beat of the music and in this case, it is Halestorm so damn, hang on wait for me!I played in the band in high school and those... more

Apr 18

Cats and Cameras
The Face in the Mirror
Fall is coming
Lost and Disconnected
Visit Turned Nightmare