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Blue Door English has been welcoming refugees and asylum seekers through the door since 2013, offering free literacy and English language classes twice a week, as well as a sense of community. For many of our students, the difficult journey to Malta is only the first hurdle in their resettlement. They have left everything they knew and loved behind, are dealing with trauma, and urgently need to find a way to survive. The language barrier is one of these obstacles, and overcoming it opens the door to better integration, and increased opportunities.

On its conception in 2013 , Blue Door English began teaching two groups of four students. Today we run face-to-face and online courses on a biweekly basis, and in the school year 2020/2021 - despite strict Covid-19 health & safety restrictions - we were able to offer total of 37 classes for 370 students ranging from literacy to B1. We regularly run “Mums and Bubs” classes, which attract women from diverse backgrounds. Women are welcome to bring their children to class as many of them don’t have access to childcare and wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise. Migrant women, especially mothers, have been identified as an especially vulnerable group in Malta.

Blue Door English is volunteer-driven, and our team of 20+ volunteers help out in a variety of roles including teaching, curriculum research, registration, interpretation and administration. We could not run our school without their dedication and passion.

We rely 100% on donations to keep our school running, and all volunteers and learners at Blue Door English are immensely grateful for the kind donations of classroom resources from individuals and organisations within the community. Furthermore, we are especially thankful for the unfaltering support we receive from the St Andrews Scots Church, without which this project would not exist.

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