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Hi there! We’re Lauren and Alex, the creators behind Blue Lobster Tales. And we’re here to bring history to life! Blue Lobster, our sailboat and namesake, is how we will explore long-forgotten people, places and things. And we’ll bring you this history in creative ways – filming every step of the way. Our goal is to bridge the gap between academics and fast history, so that you, the public, can engage in accessible, in-depth, analytical history. Over the next few years, we will sail Atlantic Canada (learning along the way), exploring this region through the lens of the Age of Sail, a period very much neglected. Visit our website to learn more about what we are up to next! And come along for the ride!

But, sailing and research only happen with a healthy dose of caffeine (or hot cocoa) administered daily! Support that twinkle in our eyes! Help us carry on!