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The beating heart of Galway's Best End.
The Blue Note opened in 1994 when everyone else was looking in the other direction.
At this stage, a generation of Galway's most creative and passionate DJ's, dancers, musicians, poets, ravers and rogues have passed through the Golden Gates. Some never left.

The dancing has to go temporarily online while the world stops spinning. It is all wrapped up and cocooned ready for when we can all get together on the dancefloor again.

 Throwing parties is all we know how to do though.

So thanks to a magical bit of kit we discovered, our favourite DJs can play back to back in and out of each other yet stay many miles apart all safe and sound.

We want to soundtrack the craic you have at home.

Each night there will be hours of House, Disco and welting bangers that have filled our dancefloor for 26 years.

You can join in on the chats or stick us on in the background while you hang out in real or virtual life with pals.

This is all about the music and the feeling you get when it hits you.

Claire Welford
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Ah pal thanks again

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Well done PalsGeoff x


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Fair play to all

Thank you very kindly indeed

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Conor Dooley
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Thanks for the great music

thanks a million i'll send on a code for Sunday now