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Blueprint is a pocket guide to understanding yourself and others using the Enneagram personality model. With blueprint, you can discover your personality type through our predictive test, learn about the people around you (friends, family, romantic partners, and co-workers), easily compare and contrast different types of people, and receive personal growth tips to become the best version of yourself.

We are a small group of people who love the Enneagram and built everything in this app ourselves. None of us got paid, we didn’t raise any money to make blueprint, and a few of us work full-time jobs at the same time. We started building blueprint when we saw a need for a more accurate and predictive Enneagram test after seeing many people mis-typing themselves. We also liked the idea of using an app to make visual comparisons between the types fast and easy.

The only ways we make money are 1), if you decide to subscribe to the premium version of the app, or 2), if you optionally choose to tip us here. We don't put any adds in the app, nor do we have business partnerships or sponsorships that pay us. We don't sell any user data, either.

Thanks for your consideration!